It’s time to secure consumption data with Cambium Networks and E2E Technologies Innovation

September 28, 2021

It’s time to secure consumption data with Cambium Networks and E2E Technologies Innovation

Energy consumption is one of the largest expenses for operating a wastewater treatment plant. It is estimated that the industry consumes approximately 60 tWh (terawatt hours) per year, which is 2% to 3% of the world’s energy power. A large part of each plant’s consumption comes from biological treatment, which generally takes up 50% to 60% of usage.

Changes in these biological treatment processes are the key to significantly reducing energy consumption. Some examples of solutions include: use of fine screens in primary treatment, membrane technology for the aeration process, and direct treatment of high concentration return streams. Part of this includes monitoring flow/level sensors and quality sensors to maintain adequate and efficient output.

Finding a solution with E2E Technologies

Our solutions and services at E2E Technologies integrate the network infrastructure and the management of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices into an overall Industrial Management Solution (IMS).

  • Do you have easy, physical access to monitor output, input, and all the metrics you need to keep an eye on?
  • We have the solutions for remote access control so you can adjust what is needed and monitor data. A secure way to have ongoing preventative maintenance

Learn more about how E2E can design, build, and manage IIOT and critical network infrastructure so you can gather real-time data to make quick and effective decisions and ongoing analysis. The Cambium PMP450i 5.8GGHz Connectorized Access Point is great for a multi-purpose network used for data backhaul, SCADA, IIOT, and video, providing reliable connectivity.

Now is the time to upgrade to an industry innovation that allows for secure real-time data and results! Schedule a call with us to learn more.