ULTRA Solutions

Industry-Leading M2M Wireless Solutions

Tailor-Made for Industrial IoT
Remote monitoring with unprecedented reliability, range, and battery life.

Sensors that Refuse to Quit
Deploy once and forget with a 12+ year battery life. Weatherproof enclosure - IP65, IP68, NEMA 4X, CE-rated.

A Turn-Key IoT Solution
Ready in less than 15 minutes. Environmental change monitoring, activity monitoring, and power monitoring.

Convenient & Secure
Bank-level security with 256-bit exchange and AES-128 CTR for all data transmission. 900 MHz products use frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS).868 and 433 MHz sensors are frequency agile

Single Pane of Glass Monitoring
See all your sensors in a single pane of glass for transparent insight. Monitor on-the-go with text or email alerts. Manage your network on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Reduce Downtime
Data storage allows for days, weeks, or months of time-stamped data logging even when the power is out.

Best-in-Class Range
Install sensors virtually anywhere. Robust signal strength with 1,200-foot radius. Non line-of-sight reaches through 12+ walls.

Future-Proof & Hassle-Free
Over-the-air updates allows for real-time upgrades with no downtime.

E2E Technologies IoT Platform

A Single Source of Truth for Multi-Vendor Industrial Networks & Sensors