CIO 10 Most Promising Wireless Technology Solution Providers

January 01, 2020

CIO 10 Most Promising Wireless Technology Solution Providers

Originally posted on CIO Review.

End 2 End Technologies
Automating Industrial Communications- Company of The Year, 2019

In 2013, business partners Gregory Crow and Thomas Peterson had one simple goal: to create an innovative and truly “end-to-end” management solution for industrial communications. Their award-winning company, End 2 End Technologies (E2E), brings the lessons of advanced automation from the IT world to the industrial communications sector. E2E distinctively combines hardware, software, and services. Its national team of engineers, field technicians, and software developers engineer and implement networks in oil and gas, utilities, water/wastewater, transportation, and agricultural sectors. From traffic coordination to pipeline monitoring, the applications for E2E’s devices and services are endless. 

Since its inception, E2E has helped more than 250 customers and 60 resellers worldwide. Among its clientele, E2E is proud to serve the top oil and gas producers in the United States, municipal and state-owned utilities, as well as global leaders in electricity generation. After dominating the industrial communications sector, E2E is now emerging as a leading Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) software manufacturer and device reseller that modernizes and automates industrial field networks. The company will be launching a new line of economical, low-power radio devices with monitoring software in Q2 2019.

“In total, we project that enterprises across all industries will cumulatively invest $3 trillion in Industrial IoT solutions between 2015 and 2025,” explains CEO Gregory Crow. “According to Business Insider Intelligence, those investments will generate more than $7.6 trillion in efficiency gains and increased revenue.” 

Industrial IoT could become the kind of disruptive technology that will lead to smarter cities, connected healthcare, and intelligent transportation. However, many companies still face huge challenges in terms of scalability, interoperability, and coverage. Businesses need to connect a very large number of devices to networks quickly, at a low cost, and with limited resources. 

“E2E solves those challenges,” says Crow. For example, an oil and gas company may have thousands of devices located across a large geographic area, each operating independently. Monitoring and updating that network would be a herculean task. E2E can easily and efficiently orchestrate operations as one piece of cohesive technology. 

Plus our new sensors are much more economical than existing IoT sensors with many more capabilities,” explains Crow, “and the batteries are inexpensive and can last up to ten years. This means our customers can make enormous gains in efficiency and safety. That’s a huge advantage for their businesses.”E2E’s sensors can be used to detect methane leaks, liquid levels, pressure, voltage, door closures, and many other environmental states. When Hurricane Florence ravaged the East Coast in 2018, E2E’s software identified power outages as they happened. An E2E client monitored their utility networks remotely and in real-time, allowing service teams to dispatch immediately, rather than waiting for reports from the field. This meant power was restored at hospitals and other high-priority facilities more quickly. 

“We are trusted advisors for our customers,” says Crow. “Other companies simply supply hardware, but if you don’t have a strong service, software and support mechanism, customers go somewhere else.” 

E2E provides a truly turnkey solution. The company’s engineers meet with customers to understand their specific challenges and design a solution specifically for them. E2E’s network management experts use their specialized software tools to boost efficiency and reduce the cost of industrial field operations. E2E builds towers, provides devices, turns devices up, and makes sure the network is managing and serving all their customer’s needs now and in the future. 

“Our solutions can even modernize legacy environments that are more than 20 years old,” says Crow. “Our end-to-end perspective including our purpose-built platform software, coupled with our direct and channel distribution, and services, is unique in the industry.” 

E2E’s flagship software includes Industrial Management Solution (IMS) and GE MDS PulseNET. Customers from around the world deploy these programs to maximize the return on their network investments and deliver added value. Th 

software’s ability to function out-of-the-box without any customization ensures companies can quickly and effectively manage their equipment. 

E2E also distributes industry-leading wireless communications equipment. Their engineering teams work with customers to leverage the cutting-edge solutions in their current environments and upgrade their systems. This means users can quickly view and resolve issues with devices across their entire network topology from anywhere in the world. 

The company has installed networks in some of the most remote parts of the United States, Canada including West Texas and the Rocky Mountains. 

One of E2E’s customers was operating seven thousand wells and a complex communications network in an area where field engineers often traveled up to three days to reach. Even though their technicians visited the devices in person, they weren’t always certain if problems in their network were caused by hardware or Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems equipment. Because there were 14 hops from the master radio to the furthest remote device, their network could have taken months to re-engineer. With E2E’s help, the client remapped their system topology, found the equipment that wasn’t functioning optimally, and made changes to their entire network of devices quickly and wirelessly. 

 Another benefit of E2E’s services is efficiency. One of E2E’s clients, a utility company, was upgrading their infrastructure and deploying over twenty thousand devices with several hundred configuration modifications to each one. It could have taken hours per device to complete those changes. Instead, E2E’s software Provisioner created a template of the desired device changes, and within minutes the customer automatically deployed all the updates. 

Whether it’s healthcare, transportation or oil and gas, there are huge opportunities for growth in IIoT in the next decade. Trillions of dollars are at stake. E2E is extremely well positioned to help industrial companies overcome the challenges of IIoT and leverage technology to increase revenues, improve safety, and transform their businesses.