Distributed Endpoint Management

The industry's most advanced, purpose-built platform for cloud-based or on-premise endpoint management & monitoring of multi-vendor IIoT networks

A Single Pane of Glass for Multi-Vendor Industrial Networks & Sensors

Monitoring and managing the health of your network is a critical consideration when designing, purchasing, and deploying equipment for your communication systems. Our multi-vendor network management platform, Industrial Management Solution (IMS), is designed specifically for industrial devices and sensors in critical communications networks.

IMS is an out-of-the-box platform that requires minimal effort to install and operate. Our platform provides complete visibility of multi-vendor industrial communications networks in a single pane of glass. Industrial Management Solution has helped Fortune 500 companies in the energy and utility sectors achieve reliable and cost effective communications from end-to-end.

The Comprehensive Solution for Industrial IoT Networks

Purpose Built

  • Designed specifically for managing industrial communication networks
  • Offers visibility into network health, history, and alerts in a single dashboard display

Responsive Design

  • Cloud-based or on-premise software that allows monitoring on all user devices, including a laptop, tablet or cellphone.
  • Faster page loading speed and improved browsing experience.

Quicker & Smarter

  • Rapid remote provisioning, monitoring, and controlling communication devices across the entire device development lifecycle
  • Anticipates problems and audits device configurations

Future Proof

  • Designed to be scalable, flexible and grow with your critical communications network.

  • Vulnerability prevention, patch management, and device compliance.

Increase Efficiency

Increase productivity, reduce IT costs and mitigate risks

Improve Safety

Improved safety and regulatory compliance

Reduce Downtime

Valuable data in real-time to reduce downtime and simplify maintenance planning

Gain Total Network Visibility

Distributed Endpoint Management gives total visibility into all network assets, with remote monitoring, automation, and control. Constant and efficient monitoring allows for remote troubleshooting, improved planning, and increased safety.

Advanced Endpoint Management

Integrated Dashboard

At-a-glance viewing & monitoring of entire network health on one screen

Historical Data

Collect key performance indicators (KPIs) for trend analysis & planning

Customizable Views

Personalize feature access for each user based on their roles

Customer Service

Efficient & friendly support from our expert software development team

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