E2E Technologies Launches New IoT Platform

September 19, 2019

E2E Technologies Launches New IoT Platform


(St. Paul, MN — August 1, 2019) E2E Technologies released our new IoT Platform today, the Industrial Management Solution. It's a purpose-built, single pane of glass for total insight into industrial m2m communications, IoT sensors, and IoT devices.

The innovative new IoT platform allows for rapid remote provisioning, monitoring, and controlling communication devices across the entire device development lifecycle. It's designed to be scalable, flexible and grow with your critical industrial communications network.

The product monitors the following devices:
  • 4RF Aprisa SR+
  • FreeWave HTPlus
  • FreeWave Serial
  • FreeWave WavePro
  • FreeWave Zumlink
  • Sierra Wireless Raven
  • Generic LAN devices
  • Cisco devices


The Key Features of E2E Technologies IoT Platform:

  • Purpose-built for managing critical industrial communication networks
  • Rapid deployment and quick time to value
  • End to End Management of the Network Lifecycle including
    • Health monitoring and proactive notifications
    • Historical trend analysis
    • Customized views and alerts based on user role/group
  • Provides complete network monitoring and reporting in a single pane of glass”
  • Offers total visibility into network health, enhancing resource deployment decision making
  • Special capabilities that far exceed those of generic Network Management Systems, Vendor Management Tools, or simple diagnostic software
  • Integration with existing communication and security processes, with nimble development support

About End 2 End Technologies

End 2 End Technologies is a truly end-to-end provider that consults, designs, deploys and manages enterprise networks from the office to the edge. We make industrial communication networks faster and smarter while improving safety and saving our customers time and money. E2E currently serves more than 300 customers, partners, and resellers in the following industries: oil/gas & utilities, water/wastewater, transportation, agribusiness, renewables, and smart cities.


If you would like more information, please contact Lysanne Louter, Director of Communications for End 2 End Technologies at 651-560-0321 or llouter@e2etechinc.com.