IIot Platform Learning

E2E Industrial Management Solution

  • IMS is a comprehensive Industrial Management Solution
  • Purpose built for managing critical industrial communication networks
  • Rapid deployment and quick time to value
  • Robust remote provisioning, monitoring and control of communication devices from end-to-end
Management Solutions

E2E Industrial Management Solution

  • Provides monitoring and reporting in a "single pane of glass" for a "single source of truth"
  • Offers visibility into network health, enhancing resource deployment decision making
  • Special capabilities that far exceed those of generic Network Management Systems, Element Managers, or simple diagnostic software
  • Integration with existing communication and security processes, with nimble development support

IMS Network Management Features and Functionality

End to End Management of the Network Lifecycle:

  • Health monitoring and proactive notifications
  • Historical trend analysis
  • Automated Device configuration updates
  • Customized views and alerts based on user role/group
Function & Features

IMS Benefits and Value

  • Provide Visibility into industrial network & device health and performance, tracking it historically over time
  • Drive efficient use of resources through proactive notifications and accurate dispatch information
  • Improve radio performance and availability by anticipating possible problems and auditing device configurations
  • Managing communication equipment across the entire device deployment lifecycle

IMS Resources

  • IMS/NMS brochure
  • Release Notes (1.4.0)
  • Installation Guide (1.4.0)
  • Administration Guide (1.4.0)
  • User Guide (1.4.0)