ABB TropOS 4310-XA Mobile Mesh Router

Part Number: TropOS 4310-XA

At vehicular speeds, the TropOS 4310-XA supports voice, video and data connectivity and extend the TropOS fixed network to provide access for tablets, handhelds, laptops and other endpoints equipped with a standard 802.11a/b/g/n connection.

The TropOS 4310-XA uses a standard 2.4 GHz 802.11 radio to connect with clients and other TropOS mesh routers. It is packaged in a rugged, weatherproof enclosure especially suited to extreme applications such as mining, rail transport and other uses subject to harsh operating temperatures, vibration and weather.

An easily deployed solution for increasing the productivity of field workers and enabling mobile machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, the TropOS 4310-XA can turn any vehicle into a mobile node. When deployed in rail cars, military vehicles or heavy equipment, it improves operational efficiency and enhances communications.

TropOS 4310-XA mobile nodes can also wirelessly transport video streams from vehicle mounted cameras to an operations center. Real-time of the area around vehicles increases supervisors’ situational awareness to ensure efficient equipment operation while avoiding accidents, injury and property damage. Cameras providing video from vehicle interiors can be used to monitor the well-being of the vehicle operator as well as any passengers that are on board.

When used for mobile M2M communications, the TropOS 4310-XA can, via a fixed TropOS mesh network, relay telemetry data from moving vehicles to a centralized operations center. Telemetry data enables supervisors to verify that vehicles are being operated with specified parameters, optimally schedule routine maintenance and determine if preventative maintenance is required. Benefits of analyzing telemetry data include minimizing unscheduled maintenance and equipment downtime while increasing efficiency and productivity.

The routers provide a connector suitable for use with a GPS puck. GPS data transmitted using TropOS 4310-XA mobile routers can be used by automated vehicle location (AVL) and positioning systems. AVL systems can be used to monitor the safety of employees in the field while positioning systems can increase efficiency and productivity, as well as enhance safety, in applications such as open pit mines.

Product Specifics